How to save on marketing during a crisis?

During your journey through the seas and oceans, you encountered the storm caused by the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2. You can now do two things.
Either roll up the sails and wait for the better weather, making sure your ship doesn’t suffer much, or sail across the rogue waves and escape the tempest. No matter, what you choose, you need to know your boat and what your crew is capable of.
What stands for marketing on your ship? A sailor, map and compass, or a ship’s wheel?

What is marketing?

I believe that marketing covers everything that applies to your presence on the market. That’s why, if you want to save money on marketing, you need to improve the way your business goes. The best way to save is optimization.

How to start spending less on marketing?

In a crisis, we tend to look closely at expenses. Generally, frugality is a virtue. During a crisis, when you’re not making a bank, you want to spend wisely.

But why saving on marketing? Well, for many businessmen marketing is the first one to cut. Are they right?

It depends. I find it crucial not to change the course blindly. Don’t cut your costs mindlessly.

You can look at this problem from two perspectives. Ideally, from both at the same time. Check what’s working for your business, and what doesn’t. I hope you know your numbers and know what brings you money, and what takes it away? It was as far back as the fifties when Peter Drucker paid attention to discard activities that don’t earn money and focus on what does.

In the following paragraphs, you will read about ways to optimize marketing expenditure, namely your business promotion.

Spend less on promotion – 7 ways

Where to find marketing specialists?

The Coronavirus crisis has made many entrepreneurs take a closer look at their business for the first time. The situation in which they found themselves is the right moment not only for a deeper reflection but also to rush ahead. What I mean is the improvement and intensification of marketing activities. The customers you attract now will also be with you in times of prosperity. Others will be attracted by the fame of the Captain, who led his ship through rough waters.

You can’t do everything on your own. Drop me a line, to help you. If you need support exceeding my expertise, I know the right people to take care of.